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Premium Denture Adhesive for $19.99

In 2014, Cushion Grip was taken off of retail shelves due to an acquisition and reassessment of its profitability from its then manufacturer, Bayer. However, at the end of 2018, the product rights and manufacturing was acquired by USpharma. Cushion Grip was reintroduced in the market with its original formula that denture wearers loved. Different from a cream adhesive, Cushion Grip is a pliable thermoplastic adhesive that fills the spaces and gaps between your dentures and gums giving you a soft cushiony secure fit.  Many users claim it has the advantages of a soft reline without having to go to the dentist to get one.

Thermoplastic polymer in denture adhesive has benefits that resolved multiple issues for regular denture users. The primary advantage is that, it’s 100% waterproof. Even after routine daily cleaning, which is recommended, Cushion Grip continues its secure fit up to 4 days. A 1 oz tube typically lasts for 1-2 months making it an affordable option for dental users.

Cushion Grip retains the soft reline quality for a longer duration than any other denture cream adhesive. Its pliable nature makes it non-messy and non-sticky like other denture creams. Denture users can easily travel long distances or spend more time with their loved ones without worrying about their dentures losing their grip because Cushion Grip is molded between the dentures and gums to prevent movement.

Often times, denture wearers are plagued with mouth sores due to dentures rubbing on their gums. With Cushion Grip, this issue is resolved because the pliable adhesive acts like a pillow for your gums. Cushion Grip denture adhesives are also zinc free and contains antibacterial agents to inhibit biofilm creation. This helps preventing infections and mouth sores and assures the denture wearer a bigger and healthier smile every day.

There are many value based denture cream adhesives available to the denture wearer, and for some users of adhesive those solutions may work for a few hours.  But for a longer lasting comfortable secure fit, Cushion Grip is considered the professional strength denture adhesive by many users.

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