The Voice of Cushion Grip Advocates - Hear What They Have to Say

Why I Use Cushion Grip by Real Life With Michelle & Rob - YouTube

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denture adhesive reviewer from the denture community
Michelle is a trusted member of the denture community who has been a longtime Cushion Grip customer. She reviews denture adhesive and reline products and even went out of her way to endorse us, in fact, this isn't her only video on Cushion Grip.
A quote from her, "having a full mouth extraction and wearing dentures isn't the end of the world." It's a different way of life. You can follow Michelle's recommendations down below; her video is well worth watching 💕

Here's Michelle's Recommendation After a Year of Using Cushion Grip:


It's a Product I'll Forever Use as a Denture Wearer by My reason to smile - YouTube

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young denture-wearing influencer share "the good, the bad and the ugly"

We want you to know you're not alone if you're wearing dentures at a young age due to a medical condition. You had no control over that to begin with. The fact is though, your smile IS beautiful! There is nothing about that to be ashamed of.
She hopes that by sharing her story, she might inspire you to find your own reason to smile since her journey IS the reason, she smiles 😊

Hear How Cushion Grip Helped Alex in Her Denture Journey:

You can buy cushion grip thermoplastic dental adhesive 100% waterproof and zinc free here


Trying to Eat an Almond with Dentures - Cushion Grip First Impressions by Ryan Spencer (@ryancws) | TikTok

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Tired of eating only soft foods? The most difficult adjustment for many denture wearers is adjusting to what and how they eat. Your ability to eat is affected so you may find that some solid foods cause you difficulty. With Cushion Grip, Ryan was able to enjoy almond again after missing it for eight months by giving his dentures a safe, secure, and solid support 💪

Here are Ryan's Initial Thoughts After Giving It a Bite Test:

@ryancws @mycushiongrip @dentureadvicegirl THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I CAN EAT AGAIN #denturegang #dentures #denturesatayoungage ♬ original sound - Ryan Spencer


Eating on Both Sides with Cushion Grip by Dlynneage (@dlynneage) | TikTok

Always looking for a positive outcome in her denture journey, she hopes to help others maintain clean and healthy gums and dentures in some way. If you can't stand denture cream and want a very snug fit. See how Cushion Grip adheres to the formation of her gums and allows her to easily reinsert her dentures, speak without denture slippage, and taste everything she eats. 🦷

Dlynneage Can Eat and Do Whatever She Wants With Cushion Grip


@dlynneage #cushiongrip #dentures ♬ original sound - Dlynneage



♬ original sound - Dlynneage


"They Aren't Selling a Product; They Are Providing Quality of Life!"

- Cushion Grip Customer, Jerika
It's time for an adjustment if you're having trouble getting your dentures to fit properly every day. Cushion Grip's thermoplastic formula allows for a simple, non-toxic application that lasts for many days, putting an end to the discomfort of loose dentures!
You deserve to have teeth that fit properly and are comfortable to wear. Try it now!
You can buy cushion grip thermoplastic dental adhesive 100% waterproof and zinc free here

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