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How to use Cushion Grip denture adhesive

The thermoplastic nature of Cushion Grip makes it a non-sticky adhesive, ideal for denture use. It is a non-toxic adhesive that also prevents mouth sores by inhibiting creation of biofilm. Its waterproof feature keeps dentures from loosening even after routine clean-ups. One application lasts up to 4 times longer than other competitive brands. Know these easy steps on how to apply & remove cushion grip denture adhesive with ease.

How to apply Cushion Grip denture adhesive:-

To start, always remember to brush and clean your dentures daily to keep them clean.

1. Warm

The first step is to warm the capped tube in hot water for 5 minutes with the cap facing downward into the glass. This will make Cushion Grip easier to extract.

 2. Dispense

After warming the tube, place the provided slotted key at one end of the tube and carefully squeeze the tube to extract the quantity required for your denture.

Before applying denture adhesive , make sure your dentures are clean and thoroughly dry

Apply Cushion Grip gently from one end of gum groove to other. Make sure the entire gum groove of your lower denture is covered with a thin layer of denture adhesive. Bite firmly to affix dentures.

Repeat the same process to cover the entire gum groove and back edge of upper denture with thin layered adhesive. Again, bite firmly to affix dentures.

Always apply the denture adhesive in small amounts and only near gum groove area. Do not apply adhesive near the edges of denture.

3. Repeat

One application of Cushion Grip thermoplastic denture adhesive lasts for 4 days.

If after a few days you feel the need to seal your dentures further, please remove Cushion Grip from your dentures and apply a fresh coat.


How to remove Cushion Grip thermoplastic denture adhesive:-

Just as easy as it is to apply Cushion Grip, the process of removing the denture adhesive is easy and quick.  Always remember to clean your dentures daily by brushing and soaking in water. One benefit of Cushion Grip is that the grip stays for up to 4 days even after your daily denture cleaning routine.

1. Soak First

Soak your dentures in lukewarm water for 10 minutes.

2. Peel Away

To remove the denture adhesive, gently peel away the warm Cushion Grip adhesive from dentures with your fingers or a manicure stick. And it’s done.

Consult your dentist for any help in understanding how to apply and remove denture adhesive. Cushion Grip denture adhesive is highly recommended by prominent dentists as the best denture adhesive. Do not use on ill fitting. Every six months consult your dentist for a periodic examination.

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