5 Reasons Why Our Customers Love Cushion Grip Denture Adhesive

Being a denture wearer has a list of challenges in itself - these are all common issues that can arise with dentures:
  • New dentures hurt and you start experiencing denture discomfort
  • Have sore gums from dentures or denture sores on roof of mouth
  • Your pesky top or bottom dentures keep coming loose
A Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive can help put an end to irritating denture discomfort and loose fitting teeth! It functions as both a denture adhesive as well as a soft reliner to give you a more snug and comfortable denture wearing experience. And the best part, you can do this in the comfort of your own home without having to pay hundreds of dollars on a professional soft reline!


Cushion Grip Denture Adhesive provides denture wearers with a more comfortable, convenient, affordable, and most importantly secure hold for up to 4 days; allowing you to live the productive lifestyle you want!
Since the 1950s, Cushion Grip has come highly recommended by many dental professionals as one of the best, most reliable and trusted dentures adhesives available on the market today. 
[IMPORTANT: Please note that Cushion Grip is only meant to be used temporarily.  Also, everyone's experience with denture adhesives can vary depending on their individual needs, so it's always best to consult with a dentist especially if you are experiencing pain and discomfort or having issues with the fit of your dentures.]



1. Cushion Grip Ensures Up to a 4-Day Hold

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Professional-strength denture formula holds up to 4 days with one application
Many customers report that using Cushion Grip denture adhesive has improved their confidence and quality of life by giving them a secure, long-lasting fitting denture. Denture wearers can eat, speak, and smile with more confidence and ease thanks to Cushion Grips' exclusive thermoplastic formula.
Cushion Grip is 100% waterproof, so you don't have to constantly reapply it everyday like with other denture adhesive brands. This also means you can clean and soak your dentures without the worrying of compromising its strong hold. A better grip that doesn't interfere with your lifestyle is what most consumers want when looking for the best denture adhesive on the market.
With its soft thermoplastic design, Cushion Grip keeps your dentures secure in between those regular fitting appointments, and having the confidence of secure fitting dentures in your day-to-day life is priceless!

2. Cushion Grip is Non-Toxic and Zinc-Free 

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One of the best zinc-free denture adhesives for lower dentures dentist recommends is Cushion Grip.

As denture wearers, one thing that is concerning is the toxicity of the denture adhesives we use. Unlike some of the other denture adhesives, Cushion Grip is non-toxic and zinc-free which means customers don't have to worry about ingesting harmful levels of zinc if they accidentally swallow the adhesive.
Too much zinc can cause adverse reactions and other health issues such as nerve damage if accidentally ingested. Customers appreciate that they can use the adhesive without causing any potential health risks. Cushion Grip denture adhesive also contains antibacterial agents that inhibit the creation of biofilm. This helps to prevent infections and mouth sores and assures the denture wearer a better, healthier smile every day.
You can feel secure with us because Cushion Grip is safe to use on all plastic and porcelain denture plates.
[However, it is always best to consult with your dentist or physician if you believe it may be causing you issues.]

3. Cushion Grip Provides a Soft and Secure Fit

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Cushion grip thermoplastic denture adhesive makes wearing denture more comfortable

We get it, typically new dentures hurt and can cause sore gums or even sores on the roof of your mouth from wearing them. When we think about hard acrylic sitting on our gums all day long, many of us realize how uncomfortable that can really be! Soft and comfortable with a ‚Äúpillow-like‚ÄĚ feel are why more consumers prefer Cushion Grip over other denture adhesive brands.
Once your dentures aren't losing suction and sliding around and moving all of the time, you will be surprised at how so much more comfortable life with dentures can be. Yes, there are many different types of dental adhesives to choose from, but for all-day wear, it's crucial to pick a denture adhesive that you can rely on and that is comfortable for you.
You can achieve a pleasant and secure hold by using an at home soft liner adhesive like Cushion Grip. To prevent movement, which can lead to sores and other oral health problems, you need your dentures to feel snug and be secure.

4. There's NO Mixing & NO Taste With Cushion Grip 

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The only zinc-free, waterproof denture adhesive that don't need mixing and has no taste

Cushion Grip can be compared to a soft denture reline, but does not require any mixing or messy application. Our customers love how easy it is to use and the convenience of simply applying the adhesive to their dentures.
When your dentures fit well for days on end, you can go about your day without having to do long 30-minute sessions with adhesives and the mirror, praying you got the adhesive in the exact right spot at the exact right ratio to just get a decent fit for the day.
Cushion Grip utilizes a thermoplastic formula that is mess and flavor-free! Our simple heat-activated formula only requires hot water to use, so you also save time and effort.

5. Cushion Grip is Convenient and Affordable

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Shop Cushion Grip for Denture Adhesives and get free shipping at no minimum

If you are seriously in need of a reline but can't afford the visit right now, and you're sick of fighting mentally every morning to get your dentures to fit properly...  
It can often be more cost-effective making it a popular choice amongst our budget conscious consumers. Cushion Grip has a unique formula that can provide its users for up to a 4 day fit, lasting longer than other competing brands of denture adhesive, you will certainly save money in the long run!
Most of the time, Cushion Grip eliminates the need for another denture adhesive. Cushion Grip offers free delivery and auto shipment options.


If you're having trouble getting your dentures to fit properly, it's safe to assume it's time for an adjustment. 
Temporarily refit your upper and lower dentures or partials in between refitting appointments. Cushion Grip can end the discomfort of loose dentures with its unique formula that allows for a simple, non-toxic application that will last for many days! 

You deserve to have teeth that fit and feel comfortable. Try it today!
You can buy cushion grip thermoplastic dental adhesive 100% waterproof and zinc free here



I had been using Cushion Grip for quite some time and was devastated when it was removed from the market due to it containing zinc. I wrote to the company asking to have it made available. It took quite some time and I resorted to using a similar product, but was never really satisfied with it. I was elated when Cushion Grip was once again made available. It really is a lifesaver for me. I use it only on my lower denture for the needed cushion on my gums due to bone loss.

Darlene Elliott

I had a hard reline on my bottom denture its still very loose I have to keep putting poligrip all through the day will this help me at all ?

Ron O'Brien

The best I have tried‚ÄĒordered more

James Christopher

I used to hate wearing my dentures and would never wear them until I tried a product called Cushion Grip. It really appealed to me being it’s not like those other adhesives that contain Zinc. I wear my dentures daily because I was introduced to Cushion Grip and made things fit comfortable and secure. Cushion Grip Rocks!

Renae Bilodeau

I am so happy that its back! Omg i was so terrified about what i was going to do when cushion grip was not available! It has been rough without it. Thank you for bringing it back. I swear by this stuff its the best of the best!!

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