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Please read Important Information before you purchase. Results may vary, the quantity needed to secure your dentures properly may be different for different users. Cushion Grip contains a small amount of alcohol, do not use if you have open sores or cuts in your mouth or gums. A temporary slight stinging or burning sensation, like mouthwash, may be experienced at first application even with healthy gums. Cushion Grip is not a glue adhesive; it works similarly to a soft reline by filling in the gaps and spaces between your gums and dentures securing your fit.

Note: The FDA defines Denture Adhesives as pastes, powders, or adhesive pads that may be placed in or on dentures to help them stay in place. Denture adhesives fill gaps caused by shrinking gum and gives temporary relief from denture movement. All denture adhesives work differently; follow closely the instructions provided with Cushion Grip. The one oz tube of Cushion Grip should last at least 8-12 weeks with correct use. If you experience an allergic reaction, discontinue use immediately. Please see your dentist if your dentures do not fit properly. Cushion Grip is not appropriate for ill-fitting dentures. Please apply only on dentures when completely dry.

Safety Information: For more information, please review the Cushion Grip Safety Data Sheet under the Products page.

For product complaints: Please call the 800-number listed on your Product Insert, or visit the Contact page. Money back guarantee within 30 days if dissatisfied upon return of product. Cushion Grip, like other dental adhesives, does not have an expiration date. USpharma is responsible for Cushion Grip manufactured in their US based facility from January 2019 forward.