What Is A Soft Reline And Why Is It Necessary??

As a new denture wearer, you will most likely be fitted with a set of immediate dentures (dentures that are placed the same day as the removal of your natural teeth) following your extractions. Once your mouth has settled after the initial surgery, your immediate dentures should fit pretty well. 
However, over time weight loss, bone loss and bone resorption can all result from full mouth extractions. Your gums begin to recede as a result, which creates unwanted space between the gums and dentures. This is one of the contributing reasons why your dentures have started to feel loose, unstable, and uncomfortable.
Anyone who is new to wearing dentures may gradually begin to feel as though the dentures do not fit properly, resulting in sores around the dentures, gum pain from the dentures, and general discomfort. This is the first indication that you are probably in need of a soft reline.


Every single day dentist's get calls from their patients with the same complaint "my denture is hurting my gums". Soft relines are an important part of a new denture wearers journey. They help to improve your oral health and overall quality of life. Relining your dentures is recommended if you are experiencing discomfort, sore spots/gums, or denture instability due to bone loss and gum shrinkage.
A soft reline is a process where a soft, pliable material is added to the inside surface of an existing denture to fill in the unnecessary space. Soft denture liners are a temporary solution for treating mouth sores from dentures and as a remedy for sore gums from dentures, which provides cushion for minor movements, reduces the pressure on the gums, and allows the patient to chew much more comfortably without the irritation.
Some of the benefits of a soft reline include:
  • Improve the stability and retention of the denture, allowing it to stay in place more securely.
  • You no longer have to bite and chew on that hard acrylic,¬†providing significant relief if you are experiencing irritation due to an ill-fitting denture.
  • A well-fitting denture is essential for proper chewing and eating, allowing you to eat a wider range of foods and enjoy a better quality of life.¬†
  • Some patients even reline their already good fitting dentures, simply to make them softer on their gums.
[It's important to consult with a dental professional to determine if a soft reline is appropriate for your individual needs.]


How Much Does a Soft Reline Cost?

At anywhere between $150 and $500 per arch, the cost of a professional soft reline at the dentist can be quite expensive, and this is not just a one-time expense. Generally a soft reline can last for several months depending on individual needs and how well it is taken care of.
However, with immediate dentures your mouth will constantly change and need adjustments usually for the first year after extractions. Due to these consistent changes, soft relines will need to be done regularly to maintain good oral health. For this very reason, the routine costs for many new denture wearers can be overwhelming at times especially since relines aren't usually covered by insurance companies. 
If there's even a remote probability that you'll be covered. Definitely get in touch with your insurance provider to see if they can help you.


If it isn't convenient or you cannot afford to go see your dentist when a soft reline is due, an at home soft denture reline will temporarily get the job done. Doing your own reline at home has many advantages including making your dentures feel more secure and at ease without having to wait days or weeks to get into to see your dentist.
At home soft denture relines are also much more cost effective. In fact you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year by doing your own relines at home.
There are different options available on the market when it comes to at home soft denture reline kits, but one of the best soft reline for dentures is Cushion Grip.
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Cushion Grip Offers Affordable and Effective Solutions 

"My Cushion Grip" is a flavorless, thermoplastic denture adhesive that provides stability and support for irritating, loose fitting dentures. Its dependability is the reason why dentists have been recommending it since the 1950s. 
This 100 percent waterproof denture liner adhesive adheres to your denture and fills in the gaps between your gums and dentures creating a strong, natural suction that keeps the dentures in place for hours of easy wear. With Cushion Grip, you can finally wear your dentures with the comfort and extra support needed for a great-fit.



Get Ready Fast and Save Time in the Morning

At only $11.99 a tube and free shipping, Cushion Grip denture adhesive is easy to apply to your upper and lower plates and can even be used on partials. One application of Cushion Grip can last up to 4 days, making everyday life as a new denture wearer so much easier!

denture wearers can enjoy a temporary reline without going to the dentist

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Taylor Abrams

Thank you for pointing out that at-home soft denture relines are also significantly more affordable. In fact, you claimed that performing your own relines at home might help you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars annually. I’m telling my uncle to get his dentures relined because of this so that he can feel more comfortable smiling. I hope he gets a decent one soon since we all want to support him because he has been so upset over it.


I just wanted to say thank you cushion grip for this outstanding product it is hands down the best product ever I finally am comfortable and happy cushion grip is a game changer thank you cushion grip

Team Cushion Grip

Hello Judy,

Thank you for leaving a comment. Cushion Grip is not currently available in retail stores in Canada, but it is available on Amazon Canada.


Can you get cushion grip in stores in Canada. Thank you.

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